Learn To Care


Constitution and Rules


Constitution adopted 1996
Amended 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006,2007, 2012, 2016

1:  Title
The title of the Association shall be Learn to Care

The supporting strap line to be used in all publicity is:
"Supporting Learning and Workforce Development across the Social Care sector”

2:  Aims and Objectives
Learn to Care exists to:
2.1 promote learning and wider workforce development in social care and related work areas
2.2 represent the professional interests of its members
2.3 represent the views of the association to government and other bodies
2.4 provide guidance, share good practice and distribute relevant information regarding learning and workforce development to members and other interested parties
2.5 strengthen links with all regional and national organisations involved in the learning and development of the social care and related workforces

3:  Membership
3.1 The learning and workforce development manager or a nominated person with lead responsibility for training and development for the Children’s Services and for Adult Social Care Services shall be deemed a corporate member of the Association up to a maximum of 2 from each English local authority
3.2 Other learning and workforce development managers and staff of related social care agencies and within the local authority shall be eligible for associate membership
3.3 The AGM may, on the recommendation of the Committee, elect persons who have made a distinguished contribution to the cause of learning and workforce development in the sector, whether by long service to Learn to Care (previously known as NATOPSS) or otherwise, to Honorary Membership of the Association.  Honorary Members shall be entitled to the benefits of membership with the exception of voting rights.  Nominations for this category of membership for consideration by the Committee shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary at least four weeks before the AGM.

4:  Membership Rights
Corporate members shall have the right to participate in all the Association’s activities including elections.  Association members shall have the right to attend meetings and events and receive information, but not to vote.

5:  Regional Groups
Members of Learn to Care shall be affiliated to regional or sub-regional groups who will elect committee members and ensure effective communication takes place between regions and the National Committee.  Group activities will reflect the code of conduct required of social care workers.

6:  Subscriptions
The rates of any subscriptions shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting as required.

7:  Officers
7.1 The Officers of the Association shall be the Chair, 2 Vice-Chairs, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, and such other Secretaries as the Association may require;
7.2 The term of office for the Chair will be for a maximum of three years.  Before that they will normally serve as Vice Chair (Chair Elect) for up to two years.  Following their term of office they may serve up to 2 further years as Vice Chair (Outgoing);
7.3 Other Officers shall be elected for three years and shall be not normally serve for more than six consecutive years in the same position.  The Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary can serve for a further term if required in exceptional circumstances;
7.4 Officers shall be elected by the Committee from within its membership at the meeting immediately before the Annual General Meeting.  The elections shall be subject to ratification by corporate members at the Annual General Meeting;
7.5 Nominations shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in advance of the meeting.  In the event of nominations exceeding the number of vacancies an election by ballot shall be held within the committee;
7.6 The Committee shall have the power to fill by co-option casual vacancies that may occur amongst the Officers.

8:  Powers of the Annual General Meeting and Committee
Subject to the approval of a subsequent Annual General Meeting the acts of the Committee shall be deemed to be the acts of the Association.

9:  Annual General Meeting
9.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held as part of the annual event at the end of the year
9.2 A Special General Meeting may be called by decision of the Committee or by requisition of not less than twenty corporate members; written notice of the meeting to be sent to all members giving seven days notice;
9.3 The quorum at the AGM shall be 25% of the committee members;
9.4 Only corporate members shall be eligible to vote.

10:  Committee
10.1 The Committee shall consist of up to twenty eight corporate members, including the Officers, with three representatives appointed by each of the English regional groups (two from adult services and one from children’s services) except London, which will appoint four representatives;
10.2 Names shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary not less than one calendar month before the date of the Annual General Meeting;
10.3 In the event of nominations exceeding the number of vacancies an election by ballot shall be made within the Regional Group;
10.4 Committee members shall be appointed for three years and shall not normally serve for more than six consecutive years.  After this at least one year should elapse before standing for the committee again unless elected as an officer;
10.5 Committee members shall be expected to work within the aims and objectives (S.2 above) including representing the Association as required.  Failure to attend three committee meetings shall normally result in membership lapsing but regions shall not be precluded from nominating this member again in subsequent years;
10.6 The Committee shall have power to fill by co-option casual vacancies that may occur;
10.7 The Committee shall have power to co-opt not more than two additional members, and to invite other persons without the power to vote, to attend for special purposes.
10.8  Associate Membership - Learn to Care is increasingly being asked to be involved in groups and organisations and so it is important that the valued skills and expertise of committee members is not lost due to changes of circumstances/jobs.  Relationships with other organisations are formalised through the Chair and then work-streams can be created accordingly.  Associate members who are no longer involved with LA’s will be able to continue representing LA’s as long as all issues are checked back to the committee and approved.

11:  Finance
11.1 It shall be the duty of the Honorary Treasurer to collect subscriptions, to hold all monies and to maintain accounts;
11.2 The Honorary Treasurer shall cause a statement to be prepared and submitted to members attending the Annual General Meeting in sufficient detail to show the income and expenditure for the last year and the assets and liabilities as on the last day of the year.  For this purpose the year ending shall be 30 September;
11.3 The accounts so prepared shall be audited by a competent person as agreed by the Annual General Meeting, not a member of the Committee, appointed by the Committee after consultation with the Honorary Treasurer;
11.4 The signatories for cheques should be any two of the Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer;
11.5 The accounts shall be deemed adopted if they are approved by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

12:  Alteration of Rules
12.1 These Rules or any part thereof may be altered by a special resolution of corporate members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting.  For this purpose a special resolution is a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of voting members present at the meeting;
12.2 A copy of any special resolution, which should be sponsored by not less than three corporate members, shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary at least one calendar month before the meeting to permit the Honorary Secretary to include it in the notice convening the meetings.